Food with a Difference

Our Burritos are packed full of flavour, we offer a range of expertly spiced fillings to suit ant ones taste buds. We take a 12 inch flour Tortilla warm it so it folds easily, then we add equal parts of our Mexican Spiced Rice, the filling of your choice then top with grated mature chedder cheese. Our Burritos can be filled with Pork, Beef, Chicken or Mixed Beans. We use ten different spice mixes which gives us a massive range of Burritos for you to devour. We believe our Burritos are the best around and are large enough to satisfy most appitites. Have them with extras like a  bowl of nachos and salsa and a choice of sour cream or gaucamole.


Burritos:- Your choice of filling with Rice Beans and Cheese

wrapped in a flour Tortilla. Pork, Chicken, Beef or Mixed Beans.


Nachos Cheese and Salsa 0.75
Sour Cream or Guacamole. 0.50


Jerk (Caribbean spiced seasoning) 6.00
Tex Mex (Tasty Mexican Spices) 6.00
Cajun (Blackened spices from the deep south) 6.00
Barbacoa (Mexican BBQ spice cloves & Cumin) 6.00
Chipotle (Smoked Jalapenos) 6.00
Breakfast (Rice, Mixed Beans,Bacon, Franks, Egg & Cheese) 7.50
Chilli con Carne (HOT) 6.00
Potato, Cheese & Chilli 6.00
Boys Naga Ghost Chilli (Very Hot) 6.25
Mans Naga Ghost Chilli (Very Very Hot) 6.25
Trinidad Scorpion (Insanely Hot) 6.75
Reaper (Death would be kinder) 7.50
Tex Mex Quesadilla 6.00
Pork Carnitas (Tex Mex Pork with 2 flour Tortillas or Garlic Bread) 5.50

Huevos Rancheros (Flour Tortilla topped with Salsa, Bacon, Sausages, Beans and fried Egg with Cheese and Jalapenos) 7.50
Tacos (2 soft or crispy Corn tortillas filled with spiced Pork, Chicken, Beef
or Mixed Beans with Salsa and Cheese takes 15mins minimum) 4.50
Grilled Steak Tacos 5.50
Chilli con Carne HOT (with Rice or Jacket Potato) 6.50
Mexican Breakfast Torta (Nachos, Bacon, Cheese and Egg
in a Chipotle Sauce with Jalapeños) 4.50

Tamales:- Corn dough covering a spiced filling served in pairs with Nachos, Salsa and Cheese. Wrapped in a Corn Husk and steamed
Pork 4.50
Chicken 4.50
Beef 4.50
Bean 4.50
Corn, Cheese & Chilli 4.50

Nachos:- A big bowl of Corn Nachos with Cheese, Salsa, Jalapenos and topping of your choice.
Plain 3.50
Pork 4.50
Chilli con Carne 4.50
Garlic Bread: A half Garlic Baguette sprinkled with melted Mature Cheddar Cheese. 1.50